Wooden piece doesn't match the instructions


I bought two - one for each of my kids - and on both of them one of the wooden pieces that enclose the screen (where the hinges attach the screen to the body of the computer) is missing a cut and won’t fit together. I’m no genius but I’m no dummy and I couldn’t get it to work either after my kids came to me for help. I asked support for help and got a useless, smart ass answer from them. Is this common? Is this what I can expect from piper? Should I go ahead and send my machines back to Amazon for a refund? So frustrated. This was supposed to be fun for the kids and they were excited about it - I understand things happen and life isn’t perfect but the response from support just set me off. If some of you who have more experience could advise I’d appreciate it. I could take a hack saw to the piece but that seems to defeat the point… here is the response I got after explaining the problem in detail:

"Hi Ben,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand that piece looks like it is missing a notch but it will still be able to be assembled. The blueprint shows a different cut but you have the appropriate piece. Apologies for the confusion.

Thank you!


Isn’t the whole point of a kit to have the pieces match the instructions? Is it unreasonable to expect either a new piece or a new set of instructions or at least a video showing how it can still be assembled even though it isn’t correct? thanks


Does the large peice that the screen is attached to have two cuts on the bottom like this?

This thru my grandsons and myself till we threw on out thinking caps and realized how it would work.


Take a look at this video another user just posted


Hi Paul,

Newer kits have a wooden pieces with a slightly different shape that doesn’t exactly match the Blueprints. The components are assembled in the same manner and orientation regardless of version.


@bgbdds - Ben, can you take a pictue of your 5C and point to the problem and post it? I just got a new Piper kit and we (my 7yr old grandson mostly) got it together. Remember the side with the numbers will not be visable when it is complete.