Wondering what to do next

My kid has blasted through story mode including downloads. What do I do now? Or more specifically, what does she do now.

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That’s a hard one. Maybe you should show her around the internals of the computer. Show her how the terminal works and how to execute commands. Show her how to open things using the terminal. think of things that you can do ON the computer.

That may be over my head capability wise. But will see what we can do!

I think it would be great if there were several sequences of story mode that would let the user start from scratch every time and have to wire things up over and over. Maybe it works that way but she went through all the levels so fast I didn’t keep up with what was happening.

Maybe new updates and sharing will accomplish that?

ake a look at this So you got a Piper for Christmas and want to do more

Has she tried the creative mode? I thought once we finished the story mode that we’d have more to do there, I hope… My son is only 5 but he’s picking everything up really fast as well. Hoping that there is more to do after we finish the puzzles. I thought it taught programming and stuff as well. I don’t want to spend more right now but there is also a pitop project where you build your own notebook computer that is more geared towards learning programming and robotics stuff that you might want to check out if this one doesn’t go that far.

Please post back what you end up doing as I’m going to be hitting this issue pretty soon.


My daughter is a minecraft junkie so she has done a ton of stuff in creative mode on her iPad. I like the hardware and coding direction so I will chase down those avenues a bit and see what she can do.

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Yeah, my son has been playing Minecraft since he was 1-1/2 so he is quite the junkie as well. However, I wasn’t talking about creative on the ipad, I’m talking about in the game itself. Just below the story button is a creative button. I can’t click it yet because my son has not finished all the levels but I assumed it was other games you can do. I honestly don’t know what is in there but will probably be finding out soon.


I’d be interested to see what is shared here…

The story mode will soon be tapped here too.

I’m looking for books and tutorials geared for kids on programming on the RPi.

Anyone here have exp w/ either https://www.amazon.com/Learn-Program-Minecraft-Transform-Python/dp/1593276702 or https://www.amazon.com/Python-Kids-Playful-Introduction-Programming/dp/1593274076

I got my start in programming w/ my dad bringing home a TI-99/4a, one game cart, and BASIC programming book and the words “If you want another game learn how to write em.”

Well, there is

included under Menu->Programming->Scratch


Found this and download it, a little bit too advance for us currently but looks p[retty cool if i get our son to be interested in programming minecraft

This looks cool. Good to see options presented.