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Hello. My son was recently given a piper computer and we got the box set up but when we turned on the computer, the screen goes on, and then we get a blank screen. My guess is that the mini disk doesn’t have the software on it. What should I do in this case?


Is the SD card seated properly?
Are any of the lights on the pi flashing?
Is the screen connected to the pi?


Thank you for your response and sorry for the delay in my response. The answer to all three questions is yes. When I turn on the power, the screen turns blue and the letter H appears in the bottom left corner, also a small red and a small green light appear in the corner of the pi. After about 10 seconds the screen turns black and nothing else happens, although the blue lights on the powers source remain on indicating that it has not shut off. From the very little I know about this sort of thing, it seems like it is just not finding anything to read on the SD card. Please advise me as how to proceed.

Thank you very much for your help.

Mike Raynor


this sounds like the SD card is corrupt. You have two choices

  1. you can ask for a new card (send an email to Gibbons Tommy tommy@withpiper.com) or
  2. initilize the card and load up piper on it. This can be confusing if you have not done it before, but th ewhole idea of using a Pi is to get your ‘hands dirty’ and dig into the guts of the computer. You can download the 1.0.3 image from this link and then follow this link for the how to create the SD card.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


Hi Mike,

You mentioned the red and green indicator lights on the Pi. Do you recall whether the green light was blinking? Did the green light turn off after a few seconds and never come back on? It does sound like you need to following the steps outlined by Paul, however, a blinking green light on the Pi can mean the SD card is OK.


  • Jordan


Hi Jordan,

I just turned it on again to watch the green light and after the screen goes black the green and red lights stayed on and solid as well as the blue lights on the power source, and I watched it for over a minute.



Thanks Mike. As Paul suggested, I would try re-imaging the card (or contacting Tommy for a new one).

  • Jordan


grab the latest version 1.0.5 from this link

Brand new piper powers on but won't boot

I just got the piper computer and I turned it on and the screen was blue for a few seconds and then went black.it has been five hours and it is still black. Could someone explain why?


You need to make sure you have the power plug which is a USB plug coming from the monitor plugged directly into one of the ports on the battery. The computer won’t power it.


Thank you it is all working now.