Wifi appears connected


Hello, I appear to have successfully connected to the internet, however, if I try and ‘browse’, it comes up with an error.


What kind of error?
lets do a check. go to the desktop and open a terminal window (it’s one of the icons at the top of the screen)

  1. type ‘ifconfig’ - does it show an IP address like
  2. type ‘ping -c 3’ - does it show times? what are they
  3. in the browser try to go to ‘google.com’ - what is the result?


Hello Paul,

I have written answers to your questions below.

Thanks for your help

Cheers - rachael


The time on the computer says Saturday 16/7/16, not sure if this is a problem?


Hi Paul, the answers are in the email below :slight_smile:



Sorry, I didn’t get an email and I see no reply with the information I asked for.