Why I love Piper!


(Here is an email from Hari to chris@playpiper.com)

I have always been a person that wondered. Whenever I see anything, the first thing I think is, “How does this work?”. Unfortunately, in this modern world, although I am surrounded by brilliant kids, not many ask this question. Most of them just take everything for granted. They sit for hours at their TVs or laptops playing video games or watching YouTube, but they don’t wonder how they are able to use these spectacular devices or what makes them work.

After seeing how an ordinary kid like me could make the journey from white (bread) boards to the White House with this basic questioning and simple tinkering, I realized that the bright kids around me could also do so much by being active innovators, rather than just consumers. I’ve been trying to find ways to fix this problem for a long time, and thus started the Curious Monkeys Science class to introduce elementary school kids to the fascinating world of hands-on learning with the pi.

My exposure to science and meetings with so many other great kids and leaders in the field has inspired me to learn and keep learning. My visit to Piacademy was very exciting as well. My lucky encounter with Chris introduced me to Piper — the solution to my quest! Talking to him, I learned about Piper’s three amazing founders.

I googled them and, along with my brother and sister, watched and read mesmerized:

Joel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIvTDhuuW08

Mark: http://makezine.com/2015/03/10/brush-death-inspires-maker-bring-technology-kids/

Shree: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2015/12/10/shree-bose/

We felt so happy that we like to think like them and felt so motivated to learn from them. Shree is just like me, deriving her inspiration and interest from her brother, just like I do from my sister!

Exploring the Piper website, I discovered that it turns all my hopes and plans for kids to be more interested and involved into a reality! It finds ways to motivate kids to have fun and play games, but only while learning how they work. Their product- the Piper Kit- is a way for kids to play Minecraft by building the computer and the game themselves! Piper encourages kids to learn how things work rather than just blindly using technology. Not only that, it also gives them a basis for them to do more by themselves.

After learning the basics of coding and electronics, I could make a teaching tool for the blind and an app that many people could easily use. There are so many other kids out there who could do even greater things if they just knew the basics and got help to get started. Piper gives them this opportunity- helping them get started, explore, and innovate!