Where do I plug in the mouse?


This is probably a crazy question, or maybe I am just burned out with getting the Piper put together, but where does the mouse plug into? Also, what is a card reader? I get to the desktop, but then nothing happens. I am not a techie, obviously, so keep it simple! Lol!


it plugs into the PI. There are 4 usb ports, use anyone of them.

The card reader is on the bottom of the PI at the oppisite end from the usb ports.

You might want to read about the pi at the foundation’s web site


The mouse is not recognised but is works on other computers


Try all of the usb ports


we tried all the ports none work

Paul Durrant


can you plugin a USB keyboard and see if you can type with it. That will see if it is the ZUSB ports or something funkey with the mouse


Send an email to hi@playpiper.com and tell what is happening
Sounds like the USB is bad on the board


Hi @Pickles,

Do you have another mouse you can test with?


  • Jordan


yup, its not the mouse…could it be a firmware gig or just the driver for
the mouse?


Hi @Pickles,

As Paul mentioned, is a USB keyboard recognized? Can you ‘tab’ through the various menu options and exit to desktop (try ‘spacebar’ or ‘enter/return’ to select a menu option)? It sounds like it may be best to re-image the card following the instructions under topic #4 here.


  • Jordan