When we select going to story mode the screen goes white


Well, its official, the boy has lost interest.

After receiving the Piper for Christmas he played it every day in Story Mode. Now I find out he’s lost interest because every time he selects the StoryMode it is not working. You get a white screen with the words Piper, Wastebasket and Piper Code, and what appears to be a file folder at the top named start.py.

New here, so I am not even really sure I know where to look for answers. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I also noted that there is an update ready to download, but there is a warning accompanying it saying that will not work unless we have a 16GB card…so now I also need to research what size card comes with the kit.


I have the feeling that your son probably shut off the kit by powering off the battery before shutting down the computer.

Try following the directions here and see if that fixes the problem.

If it doesn’t then your SSD card may have become corrupted and you need to follow these directions.

You can see how big the SD card is by opening a terminal window and typing in ‘df -h’ and the second line should tell you how big the SD card is.