When I log in screen turns black then goes back to the signin screen? whats happening


Please help I’ve logged in before but now it won’t work just turns the screen black then goes back.
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Try the username “pi” & the password “piper”. If that doesn’t work, try the password “raspberry”.


What signin screen do you mean?

When you power on the Pi, it should automatically log into the desktop.


I know that the username is pi and the password is piper but still shows a black screen only if i type in the right username and password and wont automatically log in on start up for some reason


Can you take a picture of the screen you are seeing that is asking for the login information?

Do you know what you were doing before you got into this situation?

I’m guessing you selected ‘Log Out’ instead of ‘Shutdown’ at some point and you selected Openbox.

When you get to the black screen, right click your mouse and see if a menu comes up. if it does, select exit and that should get you back to the login screen.

Now enter the pi user/password and before you click ‘Log In’ go to the top right of the screen Pick the icon next to the power off button and select ‘Default Xsession’ and then login. Hopefully that will put back into the desktop and you will have learned something :grin:


Sure one moment I’ll get a picture


I see this then I checked for default and signed in and I see back for like a few milliseconds then signin again


ok, now go read the rest of my last post


or just press ctrl alt Fi then enter pi enter piper enter sudo startx