What should you see when you switch the piper on for the very first time?


Hi everyone! My kids were bought a piper computer for Christmas. Everything was going smoothly until we tried to turn it on. We had various issues with the micro SD provided, but thanks to all the suggestions on here we managed to get it sorted…

So the computer now works, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something or what, but it doesn’t seem to tell the kids what to do next… after reading the letter I was expecting information to appear, instructing the kids how to complete the build. However, when we turn on the power the computer plays a short intro video and then goes to a home screen with ‘story mode’ and ‘sand box’, etc… is this correct? Are the kids just supposed to figure out where to plug in the mouse or are we missing a starter game???

Sorry, feeling a bit confused at the moment!


Have them go into story mode