What is in the Expansion Pack?


Hi there,

My eight year old just finished the main storyline, saved the earth, and awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars (deducting half a point for getting briefly stuck in Funky Fungi).

I bought this during the holiday promotion which included the $35 expansion pack, but can find no description on the site. One forum post mentions 10 mini games, but we only have five after updating.

Can you guys clarify?



I have been wondering the same thing. Wondering what I bought for $35


Any info you can share with us @Tommy?


Hi @coryyoung @sfmike,

The expansion pack provides two things. First, you will get free replacement parts and accident protection on your computer. Second, you will get additional content. Some content has been released (you should have received an email introducing you to 2.0), and there is more that is forthcoming and will continue to be rolled out through the life of your Piper.



Thanks @Tommy - that’s helpful to know. We had a small mishap with one part of the case so the warranty will come in handy.

I don’t have any email regarding 2.0 content. How do we proceed?



@sfmike send me an email and I’ll confirm you’re on the expansion/protection list.



Hi Im a teacher at the Washington Cathay Future Center, we are wanting the expansion pack, as we need replacement parts and the insurance is a great thing. Please tell us how to do this and how to get extra parts that we need.
Sincerely yours,
Claudia Coleman


So glad to hear you will be using Piper computers! You can purchase the protection plan directly from the website (need to add a Piper to your cart first and remove it before purchasing).