Web browser not opening


Web browser not opening and i cant use it i want to use internet


Okay first restart your computer. If that doesn’t work make sure you are connected to WiFi. Now if all else fails get the chromium browser.
First exit to the desktop. You will need a usb keyboard or use the virtual keyboard accessory. Open up Terminal. First type: sudo apt-get update. Then press enter or return.
Then after that finishes type: sudo apt-get chromium-browser.
Then press enter or return. Hopefully this works for you. Chromium is a better browser than the built in one. Very similar to google chrome


I did that but then there was no space to write the second command so I
opened a new tab and did the second command there but it showed me error
invalid operation chromium browser


On lx terminal or terminal


Its ok don’t answer that one I’ve already tried both t terminals the normal terminal works until the 2nd command where it says invalid operation chromium Browser but lx terminal
does does not do anything at all


Also this is on piper computer


Ok so first press exit to desktop.
Then look at the top left corner of the screen and you will see a icon that is a computer with a black screen. That will open terminal. So type:sudo apt-get update then press enter or return. Now type: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser. Then press enter or return. Let me know if this works.


Now here is a common error. Do chromium-browser not chromium browser


Make sure it is a dash and not a space


What do you mean new tab?


It worked finally and i always did it exactly how you said


Thank you so much for the help!


I write first command then there is no space to write the second command
so i press file in terminal itshows open new tab i press it and write
second command and i did that just now and it worked

Thank you so much for the help!


You never told me to write install so I think that was probably the problem


Oh ya… sorry. My bad.


I can’t believe some little kid was able to solve ur prob


If you ever need help I’ll try to figure it out.


Howd you know iwas a kid


I was talking about myself


But I could guess you were on bc of the wording