Video skipped - mouse click


Hi there, my kids are loving Piper so far. We have one little issue- the instruction video often skips, even when no mouse button has been pressed. I’ve double checked this and it does it for me too. There seems to be no way to replay a video except for restarting a level which is a bit frustrating, especially when the same thing happens again. Most times I have been able to figure out what to do by the diagram but it defeats the purpose of teaching the kids if they can’t want the videos.


Hi, could you tell me which version of Piper you are running? From the main menu, select the gear icon (top left) and near the bottom left of the popup screen you will see it (very small)


We are having this problem also. We are at a point where we are supposed to detect a treasure and it says “jump 3 times to exit piping mode” then when we get to the crafting table, it starts a video of the white block but then gets stuck. If you click the mouse button, it says “video skipped with mouse click” so we never get to see the video and don’t know what we’re supposed to do next.


Is this the Teasure Hunt level? So you went to the pirate ship, then to the mountaing entrance by the big tree and then to the cave under the volcano…right?

is where where the video skipped?


Yes, but we were finally able to see the video after shutting down and restarting the game. Thanks for the reply though!


Thanks Paul. Sorry for the delay! We were away on holiday. Looks like 2.4.0


There is a new version (2.4.4) that fixes a number of bugs. I suggest you do the update and see if the problem still exists.