Version 2.2.0 Help


I updated the computer and it updated me to version 2.2.0 Are the mini games still available in this version (RIng Race, Chest Quest, Explosive Escape, Snake Trap, and Dark Maze)? If so, where would I find them? Are they integrated into the story mode now or are they still stand alone activities?


Hi @Rhody94,

Yes, they are located in Story Mode and are the moons surrounding various planets.


  • Jordan


So you know here the screenshots and videos went?


Sorry autocorrect changed my post


How do you see where your screenshots are



The screenshots (and other creations) are located in /piper/creations directory and be accessed from the desktop (by clicking the folder icon in the task bar or from Menu --> Accessories --> File Manager).

Thanks and good question!

  • Jordan


Thank you for answering my billions of questions. But I still don’t understand that PiperNet even though. My controller is complete


PiperNet is a multiplayer world where players build, explore, and interact with others.:sunglasses: