Using a Windows Xserver to run Piper Sonic Pi

I have been playing around with Sonic Pi, and the hardest part about using it is the small screen on PIPER. Since I have a copy of MoBaXterm ( https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ ) on my Windows, I thought I would see if I could run Sonic Pi through an Xserver.

I got the ip address for PIPER by using the ifconfig command in PIPER’s terminal window, and made a new session in MoBaXterm. I had to tell MoBaXterm to allow forwarding, and tell PIPER to allow SSH in its preferences menu, but then I could run most of PIPER using my windows display, mouse, and keyboard.

It makes all of the difference on Sonic Pi, because its window is so dense that you can’t see it all on PIPER. I managed to get the theremin project running, with a couple of changes that I described in the project notes. This is a great program to try after you get exhaust of Minecraft. It has the same attraction as Minecraft, as you can write you own music in it. And there is a great tutorial in Magpi.

I haven’t been able to get the Minecraft program working, yet. Is there something that it uses that makes it incompatable with Xserrvers?

I don’t find any information on google using “minecraft server” so I can’t help with that. You could try asking on the raspberry Pi foundations forum (https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/)

Another tack you could take is if your monitor has an HDMI input plug, plug a cable from the Pi’s HDMI port to the moniter’s HDMI port. I do this all the time.