Upgrading from 1.06


Just recently got the Piper working after it has been in a closet unopened for some time. It has updated to 1.06 and my son has been going through story mode, but has not yet completed it.

The update button is highlighted green, and I know V2.2 is available, but clicking the Update button results in nothing on the progress bar for several minutes then it comes back with a report that the system is already up to date and it is still at 1.06.

Is something broken in the update process or is it a requirement to complete story mode in 1.06 before upgrading? I we can upgrade direct to 2.2 without completing the 1.06 story mode will my son be missing out on something experience-wise?




I would wait a bit before updating. Piper is working on version 2.4.2 and it should be out shortly (take that with a grain of salt - :grin:) I would also suggest you get a second SD card to flash the new release or you can wait and I think they are going to let you order an SD card with the new version already installed.


thx. I’m not in any hurry to upgrade as everything seems to be working fine. the coding stuff in V2 does look pretty cool. are there typically OS dependencies with new piper releases, my Pi is running jessie currently. do the sd card images include the os as well or just the piper stuff?




It’s going to be an update to stretch which will fix a bluetooth issue (bluetooth doesn’t work in jessie - of course you need a pi that has bluetooth :rofl:) That’s why I suggest you buy another SD card - I recommend a Samsung EVO microSDHC 16GB (or bigger) card - While it will fit on an 8GB card, good luck finding one as Samsung stopped making them.