Updating a LONG time


As soon as we got the WiFi connected it automatically started updating.

It has been updating for over an hour now. Our internet is very fast. Is such a long update time common?


Ours didn’t take more than a few minutes. You may have to restart it. Hopefully, it won’t corrupt the SD card if you do. I don’t know how robust Linux is but since the image file is available to re-burn to the card, you do have a backup plan.



I did an update yesterday and it showed the progress and was quick. Today new update just started and looks like it is hanging. Maybe too many people trying to download it??



The first update is the longest, but should not take more than a few minutes. Subsequent updates are much faster. When updating, you should see a small window with a progress bar. As soon as that window disappears, the update is complete (there is currently no additional prompt).

Please let us know if the reboot worked!


  • Jordan


same issue. Reboot didn’t work.


Just put ours together, played for a while in the initial missions (set up the buttons mostly), and then noted the WiFi and update buttons after we exited to the main menu. After adding a Wi-Fi password and having it show that we are connected, I clicked “update.” Nothing happened – but now I’m frozen out of everything else. It just keeps showing the screen with the robot, but the only button I’m able to click is “update.” I click it, nothing happens, but I can’t seem to reboot or exit out. Thoughts?



Your Piper is updating, but is running in the background. In versions 103 and earlier if you click outside of the update window, then the window will hide behind the main menu (this is resolved in v104). When all of the buttons become available to click again, then the update has finished. Please be patient as the update can take several minutes.


  • Jordan


Because I had already sat on the frozen screen for more than 30 minutes and because someone else at Piper recommended rebooting by cutting the power, I did that. It rebooted once (though it informed me that some sectors were corrupted and fixed them), and then I shut it down properly. When I plugged it back in later, though, it played the startup noise and flashed a blue screen, but soon the blue screen went away and only blackness remains. Help!


@jrj224 - I suggest you re-image your sd card. you can get the latest version looking at this thread


Sorry, that thread has a bad link that I hope the Piper guys will fix in the next day or so (I sent them an email about it). Meanwhile you can get the image for v1.0.3 in this thread and then upgrade from within the piper program to v1.0.5