Update not working

I downloaded the piper update at the end of last month (October) and since then every time I turn the machine on, I am being asked if I would like to complete the update. The status bar seems to progress a little bit and then goes in reverse. Any thoughts?

What size SD card do you have?
Please exit Piper to the desktop, open a terminal window and enter
df -h
and post the results here.

Didnt get to the desk top, still have to figure that out, but the card itself is 16gb


Is there some sort of interrupt? Like control+alt+delete that will get me right to a command line or terminal. I have been stuck on this screen for ever

  1. Did you click on the word Continue?
  2. what happens if you press the middle mouse button?
  • if a menu bar shows at the top of the screen, you should be able to open a terminal window.

If none of this works, you have two options

  1. if you have a micro SD card reader and access to another computer, you could download the latest version and reflash the card.
  1. contact support at https://support.playpiper.com/