Update never stops


I have launched the update for the first time by connecting with an Ethernet cable and a full battery. It took ages and at the end the battery dried up.
I tried again but it is always the same: the lights on the robot are indicating the progress but when it arrives to the last one (blue one), it starts again over and over.
Now I cannot even use the Piper application anymore
What should I do? Is it possible to reset to factory setting?


Hi, sorry you are having such a problem. Next time you do an update, you might want to try using a 5V 1-2 amp power supply and plug that into the Pi - use the battery for the display.

The fastest timg to do is probably reflash the SD card (this will “reset to factory setting”). You can do it by following these directions: https://www.playpiper.com/pages/software-update#SDcard