Unable to ssh to piper


Hi - I’d like to ssh to my piper as part of a project my son and I are working on.

  1. I’m on a windows machine (sorry) - and downloaded PuTTY
  2. I’ve confirmed the piper address to be xxx.xxx.xxx.20 (i used the keyboard emulator and ifconfig on the piper to do this)
  3. when i try to connect using putty, I get network error: connection refused

About the only thing I can think of is that there’s no ssh server installed (or running) on the piper but I don’t know how to check. Several posts I’ve read imply (but don’t state) ssh is all set up and should “just work”.



Piper shuts off SSH by default. If you want to SSH into it ou will need to edit a file and comment out a line of code.

Start up the Pi and exit out of Piper.
Open a terminal window
nano piper/game/boot_files/Piper2
and comment out the line,
sudo update-rc.d ssh disable
by adding a ‘#’ to the beginning so you have:

sudo update-rc.d ssh disable

Then press ctrl-x and the letter ‘y’ then press return.

Now go to Menu -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration, click the ‘Interfaces’ tab and enable SSH, press OK and you should be good to go.



Thanks for the quick reply and detailed steps - super easy to follow.

Appreciate it!