Trouble copying an SD card with new SD card Copier in Accessories


I recently was successful in updating to the latest version of Raspbian aka Jessie (thanks Paul for your help!) and successfully copied my first SD card. :smile:! I put a second SD card that had stopped working for some reason, but I got the following message “cannot create FAT” Idon’t know what that means. I have enough SD cards and they seem to be coping fine. I would just like to know what the message means and if that particular is dead dead. Thanks!

Was this used for anything else?

The FAT (File Allocation Table) is a partition of the SD card that is used at boot time. If you connect the SD card to a MAC of PC, you will see some files on it. The rest of the card is using a linux file system.

For some reason th FAT couldn’t be created. If you put a Micro SC card into a SD Adapter, check to see if the adapter as a lock switch. If it is locked, then the card can’t be written to.

You could try formating it on your MAC or PC and then try using it with the SD cloner again.

Thanks Paul! I will take a look at it. It was was a piper SD card that came with one the raspberry pi computers (i forget which one now) and all the other SD cards copied just fine. I had purchased an extra card earlier so this is an extra one. I have time to investigate following your instructions. Thanks so much again! I beginning to think I can understand this :*)