Trouble accessing inventory


My daughter is really enjoying her new piper! However she can’t seem to access her inventory in order to use the new gold wrench. As she scrolls through, it jumps over that square and starts back at the beginning. Any suggestions?


can you scroll to the wrench? I’m trying to figure out if this is a speed of the scroll wheel problem or a ‘can never get to that item’ bug(?)

If it is a speed issue, there may be a fix for that that I can walk you thru if you are interested.


It seems like a “can never get to that item” bug. As you scroll through the items at the bottom of the screen, it jumps over the one with three dots whether you approach it from the right or the left.


Ohhh the inventory - The version of minecraft that is being used is a very early version and you can not use the triple dots to get into the inventory.

To get into the inventory you need a keyboard plugged in. On the keyboard pressing the ‘E’ key pulls up the inventory and the ‘esc’ key gets you out.

But remember I said this is a very early verrion of minecraft - don’t expect to see much. There is only one page of items and somethings don’t work as they do in moden versions. The bow, for instance, if you press the right mouse key, it draws back the arrow but will never shoot the arrows.


Ahh! Okay. I will explain that to her then. Thank You!


One of the things about this version of minecraft is that you can code a pythion program to interact with minecraft. I don’t know how old your daughter is, but she might like to look at