Treasure Hunt LED lit but not recognized


We are at the treasure hunt and managed to light up the LED but the game isn’t recognizing it and it’s not blinking to detect treasure. What are we missing?


can you take a picture of how you have it set up?


I’m having the same issue. Image attached. Any help appreciated.


I can only post 1 image at a time so here is the other end :slight_smile:


Hi @mmilliss,

This looks to be correct. Could you try the level again, but using a different LED?


  • Jordan


Hey Jordan,

Actually that was the second time I tried the level and I did use a different LED, I can’t remember which colour I used but it did light up and it still wasn’t registering.



just to be sure, you did go thru the pyramid and then to the crafting table in the mountain…correct?


I have the same problem.


@SKCro -

  1. Can you explain what you did from when you entered the level?
  2. What pins have you got the LED connected to?
  3. Pull out the LED and which pin is the longer lead attached to?

Did you try using:
4) a different LED?
5) different wires?


I did EXATLY what it told me to do. Yes, I did try using different wires & lights & It STILL won’t work.


Can you tell me what you did in a story mode…like this

I entered the level and lookig around, I spotted a ship. I went to the ship and…etc, etc.

And I know you have probably done everything right, but I can’t reproduce your situation. By telling e what you did, I can compare it with what I did and maybe find out why it is happening to you…

Thanks for helping me understand your problem.