Translation of subtitles?



is there any way to translate the subtitles? I would volunteer for the German translation.



It looks to me that all the text is in the actual python files…

It would be a great idea to put all the text into external include files that could be then be customized by language


@cwiele, @Paul

I also would like to contribute for Japanese translation.



A text file containing all of the English subtitles in ver. 1.0.2. has now been added here.

If you would like to help out the Piper community by translating them into your language of choice, we would greatly appreciate the effort! After downloading and translating them, please send me an email at with the translated file attached.


Thanks Jordan.

I started playing around with the translation in the original level files. Unfortunately, it seems that the character set used in Minecraft Pi Edition does not support non-ASCII characters!? I manage to use German umlauts in the files by setting the uf8-encoding, but the postToChat results in strange characters for the non-ASCII umlauts.

Any idea ?


O.k., found the issue. Python uses UTF-8 as encoding, while Minecraft uses CP437. With a little hack it works:
In piper/game/minecraft/ change




But I don’t think there is no support for non-Western languages.



In terminal, type: sudo raspi-config

In the configuration menu that pops up check out the “internationalization options” and see if that works.



No, this does not affect the problem. On the one hand side, the .py files are stored with a specific character set that you have to define in the header (e.g. # -- coding: utf-8 --) which is independent of the system locale. On the other hand it seems that Minecraft uses a fixed character set CP437 that is also independent from the system locale.


A German translation would be great!!! I’d be happy to contribute! If I understand correctly, the file provided is not part of the Piper installation, meaning that translating that file and plugging it into the SD card somewhere will not make the translations appear in the game, right?

I’m asking because ideally I was looking for a quick fix for the first few levels because my son will want to start playing today (finished building yesterday and hopefully the SD card I’m flashing right now will actually work).


I translated the first 4 levels based on the updated version 1.02. Feel free to download the files here:
Levels 1-4 German

The translation has not been reviewed … :slight_smile: It only contains the Minecraft parts. The Video subtitles will come later with an official shipment.


Here is an updated German version, incl. all levels of 1.0.2

German Levels


Hi all

Here’s a french translation

If anyone sees something strange feel free to comment


Great - thanks so much for contributing these! Now, is there a way to slow down the text? My son is still learning to read German and he’s a rather slow reader for now.


I just found out about Piper, i’m wondering how I could miss the Kickstarter for this, I would certainly have pledged.
Anyway I ordered one for my daughter, but her English is not so good yet, she is 7, so I will probably try and translate at least the subtitles.

For other projects I seen they used tools like Git and similar to host the translation of text and such, then it can be a collaborative effort to translate, and some parts can be re-used for future versions.

Also, Is there a way to also translate the Voice or add your own voice to the game characters?


I’m also interested in translation options. I’m planning to get the kit for my son. I’d volunteer for Russian translation, but I wonder if the software can display Cyrillic fonts.

I also have the means of recording all the actors text (being an audio engineer by trade I have access to the professional studio). But how easy is to replace all the audio in the software? Are there separate audio files or are they packed/encoded?

I’m really excited about this computer, but English is a no-go for my son (yet).


So, any idea on how to switch translation? My 9/yr son speaks French and Spanish, but English…nada. Help please!


We are currently working on localization options. The first language to go live will be Japanese with more to soon follow.


  • Jordan


So does this mean you do no need anyone to volunteer to translate? It is already WIP?


I volunteer to translate the subtitles to Dutch (Netherlands).
Should I just get started?


Hi @NSteff,

We’d love a Dutch translation. Absolutely get it started and send it over!