Things I wish I knew


Started with my Piper today. Thus far, I think there are at least two things that need to be made obvious users at the moment of unboxing:

  1. You should be told to charger the battery and speaker immediately. We fired ours up and and it shut down without warning at about the 5 min point. Approximate charging time would be nice, as well, if feasible.

  2. Tell the user how to determine remaining battery life. I.E., we were told an update was needed, but to proceed only if we had 75% battery life. We had no idea (and still don’t.)



Yep, we are having the exact same issue with the speaker and battery. :frowning:


Thanks @tiggyboo @holly0228. Charging your battery (and your speaker) is critical to getting started with Piper so we will make sure that is addressed more clearly. You can determine remaining battery life by seeing how many of the four blue lights are illuminated (1/4 indicates ~25% remaining battery life).

Thank you!



Totally agree. A 1-page “Quick Start” is required.

In hindsight it is obvious that they should be charged but a little reminder would have been nice.