System username and password?


My niece said she suddenly got this prompt for a username and password. It won’t allow her to go any further but she doesn’t know what to put in the boxes. Has anyone seen this? This doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the wifi password which was connected and working fine in the past.


Try ‘pi’ and ‘piper’ and if that doesn’t work try ‘pi’ and ‘raspberry’.

What was she doing before she got that?


Hi, @paul and @bobbyl76 I did the username pi and password piper but it does not work. All it does is make the screen black and then go to log in all over again ,what is happening?


@GOLDENCOD3R do you get the same screen as in the OP’s picture?
Have you ever gotten into Piper?
If so, what were you doing before the login showed up?


@paul I was downloading arduino ide before I got the login screen and yes I have gotten into my piper before with some auto login command or something like that.


@paul and yes I do get that screen.


what instructions were you using to install the Arduino IDE?




Our developers (@jordan, @Greg, @danny_piper) will look into this to see if we can replicate the issue, but since this is outside the scope of normal Piper usage it may take some time on our end to achieve an answer.

Thank you!



Great. That worked for us. Thanks again!


what username and password did you use @bobbyl76


try the user name ‘pi’ and try both passwords ‘piper’ and ‘raspberry’


OKi will send image[poll type=multiple min=1 max=1 public=true]

  • piper
  • raspberry


I had sent this earlier in the week


Did you try the password “raspberry”?


@SKCro - you do realize that this thread is 10 months old…


WHOA!! How did I miss that the thread is 10 MONTHS OLD??


I’m very sorry for being so rude.


Both pi , piper and raspberry as passwords do not work . any advice please. Thanks


Hi, could you go to this link and open an issue. And we will make sure to send you a new SD card.