Switch doesn't work


In Story Mode at the power plant, at the second craft table. I am asked to put a switch in the white board, but when I do, nothing happens!!! I have been very careful to put it in the right place. Is the switch broken? :cry: Malena, 10


Did you try one of the other switches?
one other thing, just tap the ends of the two wires together, does that work (you are making a manual switch - i.e., you are the switch, when you touch the wires together you have turned the switch ON and when you take them apart you have turned teh switch OFF)


Same issue at same step. Tried tapping the wires together but nothing - does this mean a hardware issue? Thanks!


OK the switch actually worked - it just wouldn’t return to game. Once we restarted and went back to same level the switch opened the door. Maybe a glitch in the craft table assembly scene