Suggestions and ideas for Piper

Suggest and discuss new ideas for Piper, new Piper game modes and things you’d like to see!.

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Our Piper box is together and it really is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately we can’t play with it yet because the SD card isn’t working but something we have noticed that would be a helpful for next build might be a handle for the case. It’s a gorgeous box/case but I can see a handle coming in handy for transporting it… Just a suggestion!



Just a thought. If you plan on adding handles, as I have, study the latch, Though charmingly retro, it is not super-secure. It’s only one point of security against all the contents spilling. If you add handles and carry the unit vertically (rather than flat), consider adding one or more extra hook latches (or the like) or a strap just for added security. Understand though: I’m a packing designer and tend to over design things. But better safe than…you know.


Another suggestion: you might want to include a small container of thread locker with the nested screws used with the bracing arms (the bits that hold the lid up when Piper is opened). Otherwise the screws will gradually loosen and, given that if they fall out, they will fall out behind the screen, this would be bad for the user. Luckily we had some Loctite in the tool chest for the build.

Thank you!


Just curious:

Did you have this issue (of the loosening of the screws) that quickly? Or was it an anticipation thing (that is, did they just got slightly loose in the course of a day or so and you saw it coming and decided to implement?) Just wondering if I should keep an eye open. We have Loctite and use it on various things as needed.Either way, super easy fix, I was just hoping for some clarification on your experience.

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I agree a handle would make transport a little easier and definitely safer.


Lipstick I believe NyanCow is referring to the screws on the arms from the case bottom to the flip lid. I also noticed these had to be left loose enough to allow the lid to lift without binding which leaves them able to loosen and fall behind the screen (where they may pose a risk of shorting the electronics in a worst case scenario). Loctite may be a very good solution I may have to go buy some today! Thanks for the suggestion NyanCow.


Team posted this on the KS page but figured you might prefer it here.

After playing with the piper for a little while last night I was thinking how great it is and well how it teaches electronics while making it fun and enjoyable for children and adults alike. Then I thought you know this is cool but what if you could also teach interfacing of the computer (Pi) and the hardware together not just the physical interconnections but also the coding its really cool to see how when a switch is interconnected to two pins on the Pi that you can make the character move or water flow or electricity move from a battery to open a door. But what if you could also teach some basic coding to show even more in depth how making one pin on the Pi go high or low can then in turn be utilized by the software to say open the valve and allow water to flow or turn on a pump to move water in the direction it is needed. I know this would be quite the undertaking but from my first impression of what you’ve accomplished so far I really think you could implement some small coding exercises that could teach how to interface the computer to the physical world as well.


My 13 year old son loves his Piper! He put it together in one afternoon with his 18 year old cousin. They really enjoyed bonding that way since they both love computers and gaming. A few suggestions they noted as they went through the build and setup process:

  1. Mark on the blueprint what size screws are needed for each step. Sometimes they had the wrong size and had to back out screws and pick the other size.
  2. Ensure the holes are completely cut in the wood box parts. Luckily my husband was eager to be a part of the build and used his drill to get the holes usable.
  3. Include a few extra screws of each type.
  4. The kids (and adults) found the voice a bit annoying sounding so maybe consider another voice or allow the voice volume to be turned down or even more advanced would be to allow choose the voice! My kids just turned the voice off…:slight_smile:
    So far he loves it and it has seen some play time every day!

Thanks Piper!


I used a different speaker with volume control, then headphones eventually… I love that my son is playing but the volume level was a bit high and the voice is squeaky.
I did not have enough small screws either, my son thought he was doing something wrong and I recounted everything and we had too many big screws and not enough small screws so I reopened the top and used the big screws on holding the acrylic on. I would put in a mention of removing the backing on the acrylic somewhere. My son did not realize what it was until he had it fully assembled. I had to take the top apart just to get the backing off the acrylic.

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From my son, Evan (the real Piper user):

I think instead of just having the one (black) button to get into your inventory, you should make the three inventory dots a hot-bar slot that you can scroll to and have buttons to work around in your inventory.

I’d also really like it if I could wire up a button that worked as a back button.

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It would be nice if the speaker didn’t also require charging.

@rywolf It would be, but the Pi only outputs audio at a very low volume so you need a powered amp to hear it on a speaker. I do beleive if you plug in a headphone you will hear the sound.