stuck on stage with first transfer (now not button)


Hello everyone,

My son is enjoying his new laptop, but ran into an trouble with the first transfer (little pronged black object, no longer the four buttons which can be part of the board. We cannot appear to suit it within the area proven on the photograph even as the wooden remains over the breadboard. We seem to have related a twine sooner or later that made it consider we’ve got succeeded and now I cannot watch the video he noticed. Is there a manner to view beyond motion pictures? Reset the extent? photograph on line someplace of what it is supposed to seem like at this point?

Thanks. Mobdro


Hi, I’m sorry you are having a problem but I’m confused by your explaination. Are you trying to build the first button? Does it look like this:

Check to see if the legs are bend. You can use a pare of needlenode pliers to straighten them.

If this is not the problem, please explain it more and provide a photo.