Stuck on level with first switch (not button)

My son is enjoying his new computer, but ran into an issue with the first switch (little two pronged black item, not the 4 buttons that are part of the board. We can not seem to fit it in the space shown on the image while the wood is still over the breadboard. We appear to have connected a wire at some point that made it believe we have succeeded and now I can not watch the video he saw. Is there a way to view past videos? Reset the level? Picture online somewhere of what it is supposed to look like at this point?

Thank you.


After level 2, the small button, switches, LED’s, buzzers, etc require wiring to one of the smaller breadboards included and not the controller. Additionally, there are video replay blocks in the circuit building (or “piping-”) mode that you can right-click to replay the hardware that is needed. You can also right-click a crafting table again to go back into piping mode.

Thanks and cheers,

  • Jordan