Stuck on Command Prompt


Our Piper is stopping at the command window during reboot. The cursor prompt keeps blinking but the system never boots. We tried powering it down but I don’t have a wired keyboard so can’t type anything into the command window. Any suggestions?

  1. was piper working previously?
  2. if so, what did you do that caused it

Don’t you know anyone that you could borrow a keyboard from?


Hi @Paul

It turns out that what happened was because of the sd card


my piper won’t start up either and even with a USB key board it won’t let me type any thing do you think it’s because the USB is broken,



First make sure the SD card is pushed all the way into the slot. If it is not connected the Pi will not start.
next, when you turn it on, look at the Pi and see if you see a red and green led - the green one should flash.

If the green led is flashing, does anything on the screen show up? if so take a ohoto of the screen when it stops and accach it to a reply.


hey @Paul can you tell me how to send a private message,




Red light stays on. Green light flashes.
On the screen it’s dark with a flashing cursor (underscore) at top left.

With USB keyboard can’t type anything.

Don’t know what to do!



click on the users name and an option will come up.


If you see a flashing cursor on the screen, my guess is the SD card is corrupted.

  1. Was this piper ever working?
  2. If so, did someone just poweroff the Pi without doing a shutdown?


Any ideas as to what’s happening? Used for one day with students.


By any chance when the kids finished using Piper, did they just push the power off button?

That can cause corruption of the SD card and the screen you are shoeing me suggests a corrupt SD card. You might want to try flashing the SD card.


My son is having the same issue, and I just found out that he was turning it off exactly as you describe. However, I don’t know what you mean by “flashing the SD card.” I looked at the link, but I’m not a programmer, and frankly, I’m at a loss. Id appreciate any help you can give me!


Flashing the SD card means copying new data to it. The SD card is the storage for the Pi, just like your computer has a hard drive that stores its operating system. When you turn on your computer, it loads the operating system in and then you can run the programs you want - like a web browser. When you turn on the Pi, it reads the OS (Operating System) from the SD card and then loads the programs (Piper) you want to use.

Just take it one step at a time and it you have an issue, ask about that step and I’ll try to help you.