Stuck on cheeseteroid


My son just got into the cheeseteroid, pip and piperbot got into a hole and then we are stuck, the cheeseteroid level is blinking but the mouse doesn’t work to activate anything, menu, help or go to the cheeseteroid. Can anyone help? Thank you.
We are using the Spanish version but we can speak English


When you say you are stuck, can you expand a bit more. are you saying the at after the video ends, you end up at the planets menu and everythign is stuck there?

  1. Did you try clicking on the menu button top right?
  2. Try clicking on the mouse button to see if you get a menu at the top.

if all else fails - press the power button on the battery, wait 30 seconds and poweron again and see if it happens again.

Let me know what happens


Ok, thanks, Yes we ran out of batteries after a while and then when we powered back on it worked.

Thanks for your help.