Stuck on Breadboard Bluff


When you get to the first toaster, It says to connect the current flow with the heat things? Then to double right click with the wrench to break wires. Can I get some help please? Thanks, Justin


Hi Justin,

You’re on the right path! You need to wire up the inside of the toaster to get the coils to start to heat up. Once Pip indicates the coils are heated, you should make your way out of the toaster!



Hi Tommy,
So you said I should wire up the inside? Do I wire it up using the green blocks and where?
Sorry I’m asking alot. Thanks, Justin


Dear Tommy,
I figured it out! thank you so much for your help and hope to talk to you again!



I have the same problem.

  1. So you can’t get the toaster to launch?
  2. Have you fixed all the wires so you see electricity flowing all over?


Yes, I can’t get the toaster to pop & I made sure that the wires on the screen were all connected. Can you help?


Can you take a picture of all the wires (it will take a couple pictures) and post them.

Oh, and if I remember, there is a crafting table or info table near the beginning, did you use it?


I did use the crafting table.


when you clicked on the crafting table, did you fix it’s broken wires?


Yes, I did. Just saying, I don’t have a camera available, so I can’t take any pictures. Do you know how to take a screenshot on a Raspberry Pi?


what version of Piper are you on? (From main screen, select the ‘gear’ icon and look at the bottom-left of that window)


The Piper virsion I’m using is virson 2.2.0.


Do you see the “current” (gold) blocks flowing on both sides and all the way into the opposite end of the toaster? If not, then you still have some repair work to do :wink:


Thanks. I don’t see gold “Currents” flowing on the wires. I still have some work to do.


Hi @SKCro,

Keep up the good work!