Stuck in "return to the cheestroid"


follow the blue…follow the blue…

(I know that seems lame, but it would take a while to write out "go five blocks forward then turn left 90 degrees and go 3 blocks forwaerd and jump up 8 blocks then turn left 90 degrees and go forward 4 blocks and down 3 blocks…wait…darn was that a right or a left before you go down…sigh)


I am having trouble in cheeseteroid too. I got the buttons constructed, the left button, when depressed shows some yellow blocks light up. The Right button, when depressed, shows red (multicolored) blocks that light up in a line and/or appear in a line, lighted. I am trying to follow the blue road, but can’t get by one area. Other than light up things, I guess I don’t know how to use the buttons to build or destroy. Also, there are solid blue blocks and blue multicolored blocks. The solid blue is the path, but what are the multicolored blue blocks? How do I build and destroy? I’m supposed to, right?


‘…follow the icy blue road, follow the icy blue road…’


I found my way our a few days ago, before your comment arrived. I have a comment about the answers I receive for this and other posts: Often it seems like the question was not read thoroughly and deserves a more detailed answer. For instance in the above query, I mention in my post that I am trying to follow the blue road, but can’t get past one area. So your reply to my query was not appropriate (“follow the icy blue road”) because it told me to do what I had stated that I was already doing. Also, some sort of answer to the statement about not knowing how to use the buttons to build or destroy would have been appropriate, even if you said you don’t need to build or destroy to get out. Or, right click with the wrench or something to show you’d read the question. An answer to the problem about not knowing the difference between the different types of blue blocks would have been appropriate also. I know you’re a young company and learning on the go, so I thought this might be helpful info to you for your customer support ambitions. Thanks, Mary


Mary, I’m sorry if I wasn’t as helpful as you thought I could be. (I’m not a member of the company, just someone who thinks it is a great STEM product) If you read the thread, Jordan explained how the buttons work. I (it seams incorrectly) thought you had read it and were looking for exact directions which I didn’t want to give and I imagined with some effort you would solve the problem (which you did :fireworks:)

I will keep what you have suggested in mind as I try to help others with issues they may run into, but since Piper is a learning experience, I’m always going to try encouraging and not solving peoples game play problems.


I am so embarrassed, I’m sorry for the tone of my reply. I am not very tech savvy and have never been in one of these group things before online. I thought when I got the reply in my email inbox, it was from the Piper people. Well, thank you for being willing to answer my query. I think the way I got out was to quit and restart that planet again, so I didn’t really learn anything from the experience. I wish I could have learned what to do in that situation. It was frustrating for that reason. I bought a kit for my grandson, but noticed he was just playing games all the time after accomplishing the tasks on the planets. So I got another kit for me, so I could learn about it and steer him into the coding, and the creative stuff. I definitely am on a learning curve! Thanks again Paul, and my apologies.


Hi all, I need some advice on the switch which must created to deal with the third type of block which comes after the red and blue action blocks. I can either get both buttons to work, or the switch, but not both. Pretty sure the breadboard is ok. Have switched out wires, switch and buttons. Thanks.


can you take a photo of your setup and attache it to a response?


Hi Paul! Thank you so much for your response and sorry for the delay in mine. We had taken a break from Piper for a few days. As it turned out, the battery pooped out while we were playing, which ended the session we were in when I wrote to you, so I wonder if the problem was with low battery somehow, because the same circuit passed muster yesterday with the 3 crafting stations. However, it behaved strangely as a control afterward. The right button did nothing regardless of whether the switch was on or off. We weren’t bothered about this until we reached a point where we could not selectively destroy a particular thing which we needed to destroy in order to progress. (Then we went backward through the level and crafting stations to verify our circuit, and the diagrams indicated current flowing even when we had already dismantled the circuit, which you would agree is not ideal behavior for the game)

So at any rate, either the right button is not supposed to do anything once the switch is installed, or the game is buggy at that point. (As I said above, at the third crafting station we had built and verified that the circuit with the switch and two buttons was correctly set up and working)

We will surely try the whole level again, but I wanted to know if it is a known issue that the game is buggy shortly after the third crafting table. Thanks.


Check to make sure none of the wires are loose.


We had done that, thanks. We’ll try the whole level again today and let you know if there’s an issue again.


I just ran thru that level with no problems.