Stuck booting after possibly updating


We haven’t used the piper in a while. Today we turned it on, and got this screen. The first time we turned it on it had more lines, then said “fix? yes”. I didn’t see those, but my daughter thinks one of them was about starting the “journal servicer.” Now it gives us the screen below. We’ve tried re-booting several times and it’s the same each time.


I’ve never seen this before but if you want to research it you can read this.
Or it might be easier to just reflash the SD card.
Piper Software Update! Version 2.0
Need to flash an SD card? Use Etcher (cross platform)


Hi @blockkids,

We would love to get a hold of that SD card to find the problem and get you a fresh one with our latest software. If you send an email to with your address, we’ll send out a replacement right away.

Thank you!