Stuck at 96% of Piper software update


I was so pleased to be doing the update, hoping for French subtitles support! And now update process is stuck at 96%. :hourglass_flowing_sand: What do I do? I don’t want to corrupt the SD card…and I can’t access Terminal or any other part of the system… :floppy_disk: And there is no abort or cancel option…:electric_plug:

On a side note, :computer: I must add I’m secretly hoping that you guys, in the near future, will offer a full upgrade to jessie Raspbian (and Scratch 2/Chromium accessibility, as Kano OS did, because it’s a much more complete iteration of the system, more versatile, and would make Piper a real futureproof computer.



:sparkler: Ok, so it finally “unstucked” on its own… :astonished: :thinking: :timer_clock: Be patient people, it takes a freezing time to finalize the update ! :zzz: :crazy_face:

2 notes on the new version:
It’s great to have so many languages options, thanks ! :):slightly_smiling_face: :star_struck:

But on the first vidéo, there are small issues:
1/ screen is not full size as it use to be, with Minecraft choice menu appearing in the bottom and a message on top. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: No option or automatic full size screen for better immersion :pensive:
2/ Subtitles are not centered, and sometimes it get out of the screen. :face_with_head_bandage::dizzy_face::no_mouth::wink:
3/ :crazy_face::upside_down_face:And there are really fast to read for kids: isn’t it possible to pause the video with a mouse shortcut so that it’s easier for early reader to understand the story? Or a boxed recap text access in the menu?

Keep up Piper Team, it’s really cool you’re making this special effort to give international young makers broader access to Piper Making!

Thanks :wink:


Hi @jeUX_sais_FAIRE,

Thank you so much for the comments! They will be very helpful as we work on the next update (to be released just before the Holidays).

Regarding #1) - could you please email me a pic/screenshot ( You may need to reboot the unit for the screen size to automatically correct itself. The Minecraft inventory selection has always been on the bottom, but depending on how old your previous version was - the HUD (with message display) on the top may be new for you (and we still display the entire Minecraft window, but it is a little more compact in height). [edit: this issue was resolved after a reboot]

Regarding #2) - all of the subtitles were repeatedly checked to ensure that every word makes in onto the screen in all languages, but perhaps there is a punctuation mark cutoff at the end of a subtitle or two. We’ll do another check on this - thanks! [edit: this issue was resolved after a reboot]

Regarding #3 - this one is a little tricky, but we will definitely consider a ‘pause’ feature and/or adding all of the subtitle text to the mission log in the HUD menu. Great suggestion!

Thanks again for taking the time to give us some feedback - we (and the Piper community) greatly appreciate it!


  • Jordan


Thanks for your kind words and your support Jordan.

Strangely, the full screen and the subtitles bugs all disappeared when I rebooted the Pi, as you suggested.

I guess it must have been caused by the fact that I had plugged the Pi to a larger screen and to a wall plug in order to make the update without fuss. It must have messed up with display parameters, and now it’s all back to normal.

Hopefully it will stay the way although I’m doing the pi update operation Paul suggested in another post in order to install bluetooth. And it seems it goes deep into raspbian archive to load jessie features. So my wish might be fullfilled !

Finally I’m glad you will try to add a feature for slow/early reader of the subtitles, I think it can be helpful in all languages, and for French speaker in particular (our sentences our so long and extended !)…



On last “positive” comment: Piper Code is a real genius add-on, something I had been looking for to get kid into electronic even deeper, but with ease. Congrats!

I hope it will eventually get translated too, and if I can be of any help with French, I’ll be happy to give a hand (or a bit of my brain :wink: )


I was checking for this topic while waiting, I guess the 96 is just someone doing a very lousy job programming… because that number is on your screen pretty fast… and the first thought oh yes nice and quick… but then the waiting game starts… 15 min and counting

I hope its finishing today lol and I hope it solves some of the issues we had.

If I would have known this I would just order some raspberry pi stuff.

I thought of ordering a bunch of the kits to sponsor to the schools where I live.
But I decided not to, it’s to buggy and to many problems and sad support if you read the forums.

But those schools have no steady internet line and I can see my phone ringing all day solving problemns lol I would become the help desk …

Never mind lol

Good luck and I hope you guys improve the product so many people believed in…
Because the idea is great, But I should have known it’s based on another product … consider just making it from scratch … and you might have something that makes more sense.

But I think you guys / girls have more marketing background then computers.

The download worked ( 20 min ) guess what the issues sound issues stay.

Sad sad sad especially because I find issues that date back to 2016

Best regards




About the update - it can only go as fast as your internet connection. True, the progress bar is somewhat faked (modeled on a range of fast and slow connections) but you must be an outlier in terms of slow internet if it got stuck at 96% for 15 minutes.

About your insults - I’ll try to apply what little constructiveness is in them to fixing these issues automatically for our users in the next update, but this is not welcome here in the support forums. Shoot me and Jordan a personal email next time. I’m at