Story mode is messed up


My daughter has been using succesfully in the past, but this morning she started it up and wanted to start at the beginning of the story mode again, but everything is messed up there.

The first “assignment” does not give the stone corner blocks that need to be fixed, but instead a whole range of other blocks allover the floor and the character is not placed in the middle.

I tried resetting the game, but nothing changes.

Any suggestions?


how did you try resetting the game?


Through the option in the settings menu that you get when you click on the scroll wheel.


Try this:

To unlock the levels, please open the file manager and navigate to /home/pi/piper/userData. In the unlockedLevels.txt file, please change the number to 9. In addition, please navigate into the playData folder here and change the value in the highestLevelPlayed.txt file to 9. If you have any permissions errors, you can click on the update button (which will fix the permissions when finished) or you can open a terminal and type “sudo chown pi:pi -R piper/” followed by enter/return and then re-try the above edits.