Story mode - Funky Fungi will not load


Hi we got a new Piper, and things are looking good, that was until we got to the Funky Fungi, it will not load. it says loading, and nothing is happening - We have let it “work” for almost an hour. We need to get past this one to unlock the next level. any ideas?


Have you had any other problems with the kit?
How do you power it off? (Please don’t say you just power off the battery)

There is a file you can edit to indicate you completed the level however I’m out right now and won’t be back at my computer for a few hours. Once I’m back I’ll post the directions


Ok, here is what you do

  • exit piper to the desktop
  • select the File Manager icon on the top menu
  • navigate to pi->piper->game->userData->playData
  • Open the file 'levelsCompleted.txt (right click on it to find the open option)
  • Find the line that has:
    Funky Fungi: 0
    and change the 0 to a 1
  • save the file
  • close the window and restart Piper