Step 3.2 - Screws are too short


The set we have comes with a normal speaker and not the little green USB speaker. We were trying to fix the speaker to the screen board but the 2 screws provided seem to be too short. When we screw in one side of the speaker holder, the other side rises up immediately no matter how hard we try to hold it down to align the screws. If we screw in one side only, the screen box cant close as the holder sticks out too far on one side. Please help with suggestions.


Try this: Start by attaching the first screw but stop as soon as it catches, then start the second screw. You may have to use some pressure pushing down the side of the second screw. Once it catches alteernate screwing one site three turns then the other side three turns.

That should get it working.


Hi - did as directed. It’s not working.


@SuzanneH Are you able to get the first screw to catch?


I managed to get it to work now but it took a lot of trial+error. The first screw can really barely catch. You should make the screws a tad longer in future.


Yes, by tipping the bracket to that side. It won’t stay when I try to get the other side to latch. I’m threatening to take the screws to Lowe’s and buy some 3mm longer… the kids are at their dad’s now so we have a reprieve.

(Side note - one of the speaker contacts needs to be soldered back on too but their dad is happy to help. Although I probably could have just crimped it on with a needle-nose plyers?)


I agree it is a trial putting the speaker in. When Imy grandson was putting it together he had a problem and even with my help it was tough. I have passed on that those screws need to be longer.