Start-up sequence no longer the same


I’m hoping someone can help me! Initially, when the computer was turned on, it went right into the Minecraft game. Now, however, 4 raspberries appear at the top, a bunch of words scroll, then it goes to what appears to be a standard desktop. Where there was once a wrench icon is now a paper airplane labeled “Piper”, and when I click on it, nothing happens. Additionally, when the sequence of commands scroll ther is once sentence thatbegingps with the word FAILED in red. I had to record the sequence and pause it to read what it said, because it went by so fast, but it reads “[FAILED] Failed to start /etc/rc. local Compatibility
See ‘stsystenctl status rc-local.service’ for details

I’ve read things in the forum about a corrupted SD card and something called re-etching, but I have no idea what that means, how to do it, or if I need to! While on and running, there is a solid red light and a green light that occasionally flashes simultaneously. We are using one of our own micro USB cords, as the one it came with was not working, and, because our kit only came with 3 black wires not 4, we are using a blue one in place of the missing one until the replacement arrives. Not sure that’s relevant, but thought I’d include as much information as I could to help me get this resolved.


First off the color of the wires doesn’t matter other than to make it easy to keep things straight in your mind.

When you say you see a paper airplane does it look like this:

It could be that your SD card got corrupted. This can happen if you power off the Pi by just shutting off the battery. You should always go to the Piper main menu and select the poweroff option (upper left). To reflash the card, you need a micro USB card reader (a handy device to have) and you can follow the directions at:


Hi, Paul!

Thanks so much for your response. Nope, it’s not a wrench, it really is a paper airplane! I’ve attached a picture of what I see when I power up. It’s quite possible my 8-year old powered down vial the battery and not the shutdown on the menu tab. We told him how to close it down properly, but he might have forgotten until after it was too late.

I’ve been reading a lot about the need to reflash on here. Not sure what that means, or what the micro USB card reader that you referenced in your reaponse is, but I will look it up and give the link you provided a try!

Thank you, again. Hopefully that solves the problem!



If you haven’t flashed the SD card yet, try this:


We’re going to give flashing the SD card a try. The photo I sent you is what we see when we immediately start up, so I’m not sure if the link you sent me is relevant? It doesn’t go right into “story mode”, nor can we get to a screen with the robot/mouse/Piper logo.


If you follow the link it will tell you to run a script that will try to repair the SD card. Try that first and if it doesn’t work, flash the SD card.



It’s been a while, but I wanted to update you on my progress with this issue. After downloading the raspberry pi program, etching software, and getting a micro SD card reader, something made me go back through your correspondence, and I came across your suggestion to run script to repair the the SD card. Well, suffice it to say, that’s what seemed to work. I could have done it forever ago! Thanks to you, I now have one very happy 8-year old. I really appreciate all your help, thank you so much!



When you get into Piper run the updater to get to the latest version 2.4.4 which fixes some bugs.