[solved] Stuck on loading screen. Son losing interest fast. Any help?


Built in in an hour Christmas morning. Very excited. Machine crashed after 30mins of play. Hes tried. Multiple times to get it going again. Just keeps loading. Tried many reset options.


It sounds like the sd card may have been corrupted, maybe by shutting it down by unplugging the battery. The Pi should always be shutdown by going to the main menu and selecting the shutdown tab.

Good news is this is a great skill for your child to learn! Piper is meant to build, break, build again, hack it, that is what we want children to do. Explore and create. You will need a micro SD card reader and a computer. Here is what you can do:

  1. Download the latest Piper SD card image
    Image for 8 GB SD cards
    Image for 16 GB or larger SD cards
  2. Follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi website under “Writing an image to the SD card”

If you come across any issues let me know


Worked like a charm!! Thanks!