So far the worst Christmas gift ever


This is day 3 of us trying to make this computer work for our son. First, we had to deal with a dead battery and speaker. We went out yesterday and bought power cables and a new battery while we wait 2-5 days to get a new one from Piper. We set it back up and it won’t recognize where our son left off because apparently it doesn’t save until you have every item in place??? Reboot and he has to start all over again and take off the buttons and wires he has in place. While trying to figure out that issue, before rebooting we encountered loads of issues that we have video of. SO ANNOYED!!

After rebooting yet again, everything seems to be working. We get to the installation of the blue and green buttons and install them, but the program refuses to move forward and tell us anymore. Then the audio dies. No speaker now even though it has AC. We begin guessing where to put the wires as per the program illustration and finally get those to work and then we encounter the blue screen of death and the computer crashes!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

We’d like some answers before we ask for our money back and return this.

Worst Christmas gift ever.

PS. The computer is still sitting dead.


Hi @holly0228,

Again, sorry to hear and I understand the frustration. I asked you a few follow-up questions in your other post and I look forward to hearing back from you.


  • Jordan