Shipping Status with USPS


I paid for 2-day express delivery on the 8th, and on the 13th it still has not arrived, but is being re-routed away from our local post office, the tracking says. I have no way of reaching USPS to pick it up, and I’ve seen elsewhere that it has taken weeks in some cases before USPS delivers. Meanwhile, we are receiving other packages via USPS on time. There is also no way of reaching Piper directly to get talk with someone and get help with this issue, only an online help request form with an automated response. We’re leaving overseas for the holidays over the weekend, and I’m really regretting this purchase right now.

Update: Piper support has worked hard to take up the slack from USPS, and has sent the package on express delivery. Fingers crossed!


Oh, I feel your pain. Did you try calling your local Post Office and speaking with the manager?


Thanks for your empathy. I did but there is no way to speak to a human. The one option I found was to ask for redelivery, even though delivery had not been attempted yet.

I’m so disappointed, especially since I asked for express delivery.


I’d go down to the P.O. and speak to someone. Have you tried that?

It’s unfortunae that shippers can mess things up and it effects people like you and you end up being mad at Piper who trusted the PO to do their job.


Yes exactly. We’ll go and speak to someone this morning, since the tracking still does not say out for delivery.

I’m wondering, do we need to sign for the kit, or will they just leave in on our doorstep?


Can you rerout the package to Norway?


Me? You’ll have to go thru the piper site and ask them.


Your response puzzles me. I went through the Piper site and in that way I have reached you. But ok I will launch another help ticket for this issue.


Ha :slight_smile: in my email inbox your response from the community forum looked indistinguishable from the flurry of Piper support emails, and I got them mixed up. My bad! Thanks for your response!


You’re welcome and I hope everything got straightened out.


It did! They went above and beyond to take up USPS’s slack, and the package reached me in time :slight_smile: