Shipping Status with DHL



My order was shipped w/ DHL. DHL left a notice on the door about a delivery attempt, we were at home at they time and have the driver on video not attempting delivery, just leaving the notice and running away.

Contacted DHL and they said we had to pay duty fees before they could help us. Paid all associated fees and then was told that, since we refused delivery, we would have to pick the package up. We never refused delivery, the driver did not even attempt delivery, again, this is on video.

Finally got a hold of someone on the phone and they said we had to pick up the package in Calgary, told them that was over 2 hours from our home and not possible. Then they said we could pick it up in Grande Prairie, which is over 10 hours away from home…

They refuse to deliver the package and can’t tell us where the package actually is to be picked up. Definitely not impressed with DHL. Hope this can be resolved soon as this is a Christmas gift.


I’m not sure what help you can get on the forum, but if you have video of the driver leaving the note and running away, you ought to be on DHL’s case.

I would call in again and have a pad of paper with you. When I talked to customer support, start by asking the name of the person who you are speaking to and write it down and put the time down. If you start to get the run around, stop them and ask to speak to their manager.

Get their name and repeat. If you don’t get satisfaction, ask for their manager. If you get to a point where no one will help you, tell them you are going to calling your local TV news station and report what they are doing. then call you local TV station and tell your story.


Figured someone from Piper may be able to contact DHL (have tried numerous times on this end with no results) or, if they couldn’t help, they would at least like some feedback about the courier chosen to deliver the product. Giving DHL until Tuesday and then will tell them to just send it back and will be getting a refund.


Use this link to send a comment about this. It will go to the Piper team.