Sharing a photo. Putting it all together


Just thought I’d be the first to post a picture of the Piper in action! (My son with his dad, who is dutifully checking the forums for new info.) (I haven’t posted a picture yet so idk if it will work. Here’s hoping!) (The blueprint is HUGE! We’re going to hang it on his wall as a poster when he’s done.

(Edit: overheard
son: "this is really hard, but really fun."
Dad: “it’s not hard, it’s CHALLENGING.”)


Thanks for posting and sharing @LIPSTICK6! I hope your son has gotten it working and is enjoying it! The blueprints are huge and what a great idea to hang it as a poster afterwards!! :grinning:

My son is 12 and with the help of his father has built the Piper box! We were missing a few small pieces but the guys at Piper were terrific and have promised to ship them right out to us.

Above is photo of my son building the Piper

It took about 2 hours to build the whole thing, and we are now waiting on a new SD card before we can get continue playing with it. Anyone else have problems with their SD card?

Photo of (almost) completed box along with blue screen - now we must wait for new SD Card…

Look forward to seeing other photos as well!



Great pics, Traci!!

Seems like a lot of people are having issues with their SD cards. I am not sure why. Ours works fine, but we were missing a few bolts. Turns out we had enough to put it together in a rudimentary kind of way, and we will make a trip to the hardware store later today to replace the missing ones.

With a new product, there are always kinks and bugs to hammer out, but I bet the guys down at mission control will be working hard to make it right.

My son is 12, too. Great age for budding programmers! :smile:


So far, so good! Everything went together fine. It looks like we are missing a few of the wire colors, so we had to “recycle”.

No SD card problems! But after the first “project” or so, we don’t get any sound. Trying to recharge the speaker.



Hi traci!! I posted a picture of Connor working on it!!!


It was so much fun putting the Piper Box together this morning! All parts were included and working - kudos to the Piper team for getting it here by Christmas!


it just came in the mail!!! WOOT Hoooo



Two 10 year olds, two 7 year olds and a 9 year old put this together largely without help. We had the blue to black screen issue, but removing and replacing the sd card did the trick. So far so good



My two littles playing side by side. They even figured out how to play the same game together. So much fun!!!


Awesome, thanks for sharing!!


How did you all post a photo to this forum? Again, I know I have already posted this several places today, but I just thought if anyone happens to read this, they can give me assistance. I would like to post a photo of a problem we are having with the first button in the power plant level, to see if my daughter is one the right track. thanks!


to Camicazi and all other help seekers:

In response to your query there is the option to drag / paste a photo to a location inside the reply box. This is posted inside the reply box on starting a new topic on the main (opening) page

I sense a divide in attitude on part of participants in this community and some of the founders… I know my words will not go over well with some,

It is apparent from lurking on some boards, e.g., modding sites, mydigitallife, etc, that there are those looking for recognition and disdain giving support (narcissists) or otoh, others displaying humility and offering explicit help when properly requested when justified. This also involves the variable human factors of being fallible and a layperson in an unfamiliar field.

Hopefully, the sense of community will sweep the more technologically adept to giving greater input to raise the enthusiasm and participation of the newbies as I am here.


@barweis, thank so much for helping out! Also, @Hiroko, helped me out by actually making a line drawn diagram to the icon that has an arrow pointing up near the middle right above this text bar, I guess I hadn’t noticed this before. I was able to successfully upload a photo of the problem that we are having in the power plant level. I agree with divides that can and do seem to happen in regards to technology. I think this is just an aspect of life though. The younger generation has had so much more experience and immersion with using technology, as well as a lot of parents who have studies either through college courses or their own time, who have learned about using technology for their careers or for their hobbies. I think that is wonderful. Like you said, there are many thousands of people in our world that don’t have access to technology courses in their schools, or if their adults, just don’t know how to figure out these sometimes complex issues in order to learn. So I think on the whole, forums such as this are very helpful. There will always be those people who maybe are full of their abilities, and that is the part of human psychology that makes our world interesting. But yes, sometimes feelings get hurt, when maybe a person just needs support and simple understanding of their problems!


Camicazi working with her piper a couple of weeks ago! She is still on the power plant level, but she has enjoyed exploring the story mode world and some of the sandbox modes. She goes to school full-time and has to really work long and hard on math assignments, plus she reads novels for AR, Gamestar Mechanic, and learn to mod Minecraft sometimes, plus outdoor trampoline jumping, so she works on this whenever she can, but she has really enjoyed it so far!


Thanks for sharing!


  • Jordan


Took about 2 hours to put it together, and he is very proud!

I have one question to the community.
Does anyone have any tips when the wires plugged into breadboard not responding very well? After taking the wire in and out a few times, some buttons do not seem to respond very well. They work better when I put two wires together than sticking them to the breadboard… Anyone has tips in improving this situation?


Hi @Tokyopingu,

I couldn’t see the pictures. Can you see them on your end? Might be worth editing the post.

Make sure the buttons are fully inserted. That’s the best way to ensure responsiveness to the buttons.




Delivered today, took about 2 hours to put it together. Been a blast, kudos to the Piper team