SD card corrupted


my piper said it needed a update. Then it started updating. It started going really slow at 88%. Then, my baby brother came up to me and pressed the off button. Now my sd card is corrupted! When I turn my piper on, it shows some blue, red, green, and yellow grid. I took out the sd card and flashdrived it onto my computer, but I don’t understand a word of it. Can someone help me?


When you say you flashdrived it, what do you mean? Did you follow the instructions in section 4 of this thread Most Common Christmas Fixes


I used this thing that you can put different sd cards in it, and plug it into your computer.


And did you follow the instructions from that thread


No. I knew how to because all of my friends call me a computer geek.


I’m confused, are you still having a problem or did you fix it?


no I didn’t fix it I’m still having problems


Ok, when you removed the SD card from the Pi and put it in the SD adapert and plubed it into your PC/MAC(?) did you follow the directions in section 4 of the common fix’s thread I pointed you at?

If not, go and do that and then put the SD card back in the Pi and see f it boots.


ok thanks I’ll go try that.


If your SD is corrupted go ahead and re flash it! Follow the steps on our Software Update guide at the bottom for instructions.