Screen Still Not Working


I’ve purchased Piper for my son’s birthday and while he loved building the kit when he went to turn it on it didn’t work.

The red light would come on but the yellow light would flash a couple of times but then not flash again.

I read through previous posts and found that it was likely the SD card had to be reloaded - so we did that. Now the yellow light flashes and the audio works but still no luck with the screen.

We have checked all the connections to ensure they are plugged in correctly and swapped the chords around on the power source to check if that made any difference as well.

We have also plugged the computer into the HDMI cable on the TV and a fuzzy orange and yellow screen comes up.

Need some help here please. Thanks.

Hi Russell,

Sorry to hear you are having an issue. I have a couple questions,

  1. does the kit have a speaker mounted on the screen or is it a seperate green ball speaker?
  2. where do you see a yellow light flashing? On the Pi (the actual computer) there should be green light you see flashing.
  3. When you checked the cables, did you check the connector that plugs into the screen itself? (it means ou have to disassemble the kit a little)
  4. When you plugged the Pi in to the TV, did you use a different HDMI cable than the one that came with the kit?

If the speaker is built into the screen it’s a Piper 2 kit
AND If you checked the connector to the screen
AND If you used a different HDMI cable to plug intothe TV
THEN it might be an issue with the Pi

In that case go to and press the blue (Contact Us) button at the bottom of the screen and explain what you have seen and done (paste in the link to this page Screen Still Not Working and they will get you fixed up.)