Screen resolution issues


Hi Piperbot,
We are new to Piper and for the first two days things have been working great. Today, not so great. The screen resolution is the issue and when piper is launched we cannot see half of the right hand side of the screen. I have v2.02 and just updated yesterday. I have attempted to read the posts on the forums here but haven’t found anything that really provides an answer. I have rebooted, disconnected the cables and then reconnected everything to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have a v disappointed daughter looking for answers !


Hi Jhgooi,

Can you please try launching PiperCode, wait until it loads, and then exit out of it (which will take you back to the main menu). In addition, another potential fix here worked for another community member.


  • Jordan


The first method did nothing. How do I open command prompt ?



It’s ok!! I found it and used the patch and it’s worked !!! Thanks



Hi Julian,

Glad to hear that the patch work!


  • Jordan


What patch have you found?


see the link in the second post of this thread.