Screen rainbow and piper does not work


After updating (first day with piper) I only see a rainbow colours screen. Do you know what is the problem? How can I solve it?


---- Rainbow screen
If your Piper was working properly, but now boots to a rainbow screen, please try the following:

Plug your microSD card into another computer to modify a specific file. This may require a microSD card adapter (as pictured below under “4. SD CARD BURNING/RE-IMAGING”)
Open the file /boot/config.txt (by double-clicking it)
Add the following line to the very bottom of the file: boot_delay=1
Save and close the file.
Properly eject the card, re-insert it into the Raspberry-Pi and boot up your Piper

Please let me know if this works or not.

Probelm with Turn On

Hello Greg,

Many thanks for your comments.
I found this:

and it was a solution for my corrupted microSD. Piper works again!