Screen not working


My son just built the kit but when we’re trying to boot the system then the screen becomes blue for few seconds and then it goes blank. The sound is on and all the connections are correct as we checked many times.


ok, can you try connecting the pi to a moitor or tv that has an hdmi port? this will determine if the Pi is working or not.


Hi paul
I did everything as per your instructions and the pi is working in the tv.
What’s the next step please let me know .



Hi Sweta

Look at the battery and see if it indicates the AMPs out from the two ports (mine does but I have an original Piper so I don’t know if it has been changed)

On mine it shows:
Input: 5V1A Output 1:5V/1A Output 2:5V/2A

attach the Pi to Output 1 and the screen to Output 2

If this doesn’t work, send an email to and explain what is happening and what you have tried. You might want to copy this thread and paste it into the email.


Hi @swayam123,

Just to confirm, did you try disassembling the screen and double checking that the other end of the HDMI cable is seated properly and snuggly into the driver board? A loose connection there will produce similar results.


  • Jordan


Hi Jordan
I’ll try that now


Hi Jordan
Thanks for your tip because it worked. O think the other end of the hdmi
cable was not connected snugly. My son is having fun.

Thanks a lot Paul and Jordan



Great to hear Sweta!! Have fun!

  • Jordan