Screen not starting


Hi there, put together the piper kit today with my daughter, however we could not get the screen to turn on.
Things we have checked based on suggestions from the community:

  • Battery charge level - all 4 blue lights are on, have given it a second charge just to be sure
  • Have double checked that the right power cables are attached to the right devices.
  • Have tried booting just the screen without RP plugged in to power but screen does not change.
  • Have plugged the HDMI out into a regular computer monitor and it works really well!
  • Have used another HDMI cable to connect to the LCD screen - no change
  • Have used a multimeter on the power input terminals for the LCD screen and am getting 5.02v - so the cable appears to be working however I haven’t verified that with a different cable - may try that tomorrow, but will have a to cut up a USB power cable to make that work.

The screen just shows no sign of life at all.

Any other ideas?


could you try pluging the HDMI cable into a monitor or TV that has an HDMI input to see if it is the PI or the screen.


Thanks James, received your rescue pack request.



Make sure you plug the monitor usb into the 2.1 amp plug directly into the battery.


Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out it was a dead screen of sorts, which Tommy from Piper cheerfully replaced and now we have the most awesome educational product. Absolutely fantastic what has been done here! Well done Piper.